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Sidewalks of Hope QR Code Card for Crisis Pregnancy

Written by: Monica Shannon
Life Coordinator, SID Advocates for Life Team


One of the most frequently asked questions since the leak of the Roe v. Wade decision has been, How can we help mothers in a crisis pregnancy?  First and foremost, take a moment to pray. Then consider want you can do to help a mother and her unborn child.  In addition, Sidewalks of Hope has created a Sidewalks of Hope QR Card postcard that guides a mother in need to many helpful organizations, churches, and resources. While not an LCMS organization, their information is well vetted, and continually updated.  If you are aware of a helpful resource, please let the SID Advocates for Life know, and we will add it to the information page.

Contact SID Advocates for Life at and we will help to supply your church with these cards.