Dominican Republic Seminary

Southern Illinois District Mission Partner - Seminario Concordia El Reformador

The Southern Illinois District Convention approved to establish a partnership with Seminario Concordia El Reformador as the new foreign mission partner.  The seminary, located in the Dominican Republic, serves Spanish -speaking Lutherans from all over Central and South America by training pastors and deaconesses who then plant churches in their home countries.  The seminary is part of Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Confesional, the church body in fellowship with the LCMS in the Dominican Republic.

LCMS missionary and seminary director Rev. Joel Fritsche (a former pastor in the SID) is pictured sharing about the mission.

We encourage congregations to pray for the students and staff of Seminario Concordia El Reformador, share information about their mission, and support it with mission offerings. On September 12, 2021, Jeffrey Fick, SID Schools and General Executive, had the opportunity to present a gift of $5,000 on behalf of the SID designated for the new seminary library.

May God greatly bless this partnership to raise up faithful leaders for the church!