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Pray, Rally, and March for Life: Tuesday, March 21st in Springfield

Matins Service

At 10:30 am Trinity Lutheran Church will conduct a Matins Service commemorating Joseph, Guardian of Jesus. Central Illinois District (CID) President Michael Mohr will preach. Southern Illinois District (SID) President Timothy Scharr and Northern Illinois District (NID) Pastor Cory Estby will serve as lectors.  Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 220 South 2nd Street, Springfield, IL 62701 (across the street from the capitol building on the northeast corner of 2nd and Monroe streets), about a block north of the Lincoln statue.


Transportation and Parking

There are several parking garages downtown. In addition, parking will be available at the former campus of Lutheran High School, 3500 W. Washington St., Springfield, IL, 62711-7923. If you plan to travel to the Illinois March for Life in a private vehicle (not a commercial bus or school bus, for example), you can consider parking there. NOTE: The school will NOT be accessible for restroom use, filling water bottles, etc.

Please consider ride sharing to the March 21 events. The CID will provide shuttle service to downtown and back to the Lutheran High parking lot for DRIVERS ONLY.  Drivers, please plan to drop -off and pick up your party downtown.  Several shuttles will begin leaving the Lutheran High parking lot starting at  9:30 am through 10:10 am.  At the end of the Illinois March for Life, return shuttles will depart from downtown starting from  1:45 pm through 3:05 pm.


Light Lunch

A lunch will be available at Trinity Lutheran Church for those attending the Matins service. It will consist of a 4-inch Subway sandwich (ham or turkey), a bag of potato chips, a chocolate chip cookie, and a bottle of water. Suggested donation: $5.


Rally and the 2023 Illinois March for Life

A rally preceding the Illinois March for Life will begin at noon.  Meet at the Lincoln statue on the front (east) lawn of the state capitol building in Springfield.  CID President Mohr will speak at the rally.  The march itself, walking a perimeter around the capitol complex, will follow at about 1:00 pm. Thereafter, the Illinois March for Life participants from Illinois are encouraged to visit the offices of their state legislators.


Issues, etc. Radio Program

Issues, etc. will cover the Illinois March for Life, recording in-person interviews at Trinity starting at 11:30 and continuing to record through the early part of the afternoon. These will be broadcast on KFUO (850 AM, audible in southern and much of central Illinois) that same afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00. The entire program can be live-streamed or accessed on-demand at


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